Featuring Kiik A.K., Mel Coyle & Jenn Marie Nunes, Ricardo Domeneck translated by Hilary Kaplan, Traktung Yeshe Dorje, Phil EstesJavier Etchevarren translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval, Jacqueline Kari, Eunsong Kim, Kenji C. Liu, Uche Nduka, Janice Lobo Sapigao, Gary J. Shipley, and Vincent Tholomé translated by Alex Niemi.

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Kiik A.K., Three Poems*

Kiik A.K. earned a MA from UC Davis where his poetics thesis was titled The Joy of Human Sacrifice and a MFA from UC San Diego where his collection of counter-internment […]

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Mel Coyle & Jenn Marie Nunes, Five Poems

Mel Coyle is from Chicago and other places where the corn grows. Her work appears in H_NGM_N, Alice Blue Review, and Leveler, among others. Jenn Marie Nunes is [...]

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Ricardo Domeneck, Three Poems

Translated by Hilary Kaplan. Ricardo Domeneck is a poet, short fiction writer and essayist, born in Bebedouro, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1977. He has published six […]

  • Traktung-Yeshe-Dorje

Traktung Yeshe Dorje, Three Poems

Traktung Yeshe Dorje is a farmer, poet, and teacher of Tantric Buddhism. His two published books are Eye to Form is Only Love and Original Innocence. He lives outside of Ann Arbor [...]

  • Phil-Estes

Phil Estes, Four Poems

Phil Estes is the author of High Life, forthcoming from Horse Less Press and the chapbooks Slowjams (forthcoming from Living Arts Press), Children of Reagan, and […]

  • Javier Etchevarren

Javier Etchevarren, Four Poems

Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval. Javier Etchevarren was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1979. He is the author of the poetry books Desidia (Yaugarú, 2009) and Fábula […]

  • Jacqueline Kari

Jacqueline Kari, excerpts from Gin Mill: An Impossible Play

Jacqueline Kari is the author of The Book of Tell {dancing girl press} and Litel Myn Tragedye (forthcoming in 2016 on Birds of Lace). Her poems, art and translations have appeared in [...]

  • Eunsong Kim

Eunsong Kim, excerpts from Copy Paper: Ream 3

Eunsong Kim is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, San Diego. Her essays on literature, digital cultures, and art criticism have appeared or are […]

  • Kenji C. Liu Author Photo

Kenji C. Liu, Four Poems

Kenji C. Liu's forthcoming poetry collection Map of an Onion is the 2015 national winner of the Hillary Gravendyk Prize. His writing appears in The American [...]

  • Uche Nduka

Uche Nduka, Five Poems

Uche Nduka is a Nigerian-American poet, essayist and collagist. He was awarded the Association of Nigerian Authors Poetry Prize for Chiaroscuro in 1997. He lived in […]

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Janice Lobo Sapigao, excerpts from microchips for millions

Janice Lobo Sapigao is a Pinay poet, writer, and educator born and raised in San José, CA. Her first book microchips for millions is forthcoming from PAWA, Inc in […]

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Gary J. Shipley, Four Texts

Gary J. Shipley is the author of numerous books, including You With Your Memory Are Dead (Civil Coping Mechanisms, forthcoming), Gumma Homo (Blue Square), and Dreams […]

  • Vincent Tholome

Vincent Tholomé, The hotel room

Translated by Alex Niemi. Vincent Tholomé is a Belgian writer and performer, living in Belgium, eating Belgian food, drinking Belgian drinks, but writing in French and sometimes in English […]