Research Report

We’ll live in a future filled with nude teenage photographs.
Every girl will grow up with a young love, a hateful betrayal
& a lifetime of internet memes. Every girl will understand
betrayal & shame like no adult today has or ever could.
Over time, the practice will be extended to boys & others
& we will be able to search for nudity, everyone’s nudity.
There will be rankings, there will be fan art, there will be
suicidal stalkings. We will all be embarrassed & enthralled.
Some of us will lead lives fully clothed & cow web free.
Some of us will live close to screens, staring at our teenage
selves forevermore.

So how should we invest?


Reruns Forever

The movies convinced us that the rich are hurting.
They show us moments of great intimacy. Of sorrow.
Of predictable loss

The actors—the well positioned, beautiful
Bodies—narrate their pain acts so well.
It feels like our pain. It feels like my birthday.
It feels like mine for two hours.
You are just like me, it tells us.

But he wasn’t sad.
He woke up the next morning,
Looked at a few different devices &
Said not a word. He sang in the shower,
Kissed her the normal amount of times
& went off as always.

She paced in the kitchen
Waiting for a burst of emotion
An accusation
Aggressive sex.
But nothing.
Reruns forever—



when you grow up poor you know how much money everyone who claims to love you has
that was my kind of poor
peering through balances
looking through wallets
memorizing memorizing
my mother thought it was so clever so darling that i could remember the cost of all my items
especially my clothing
i would say
originally this much marked down at this much we bought it for this price

i thought if i kept track of how much was spent on me
how much it cost to keep me alive
fully clothe—

i wanted to know the number so that i could

ssssssssless. less.


Eunsong KimEunsong Kim is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, San Diego. Her essays on literature, digital cultures, and art criticism have appeared or are forthcoming in: The New Inquiry, Model View Culture, AAWW’s The Margins, Art in America, and others. Some of her poetry has been published or will be in: Denver Quarterly, Seattle Review, Feral Feminisms, Minnesota Review, and Iowa Review. Her first book will be published by Noemi press in 2017.