Kiik A.K., Three Poems
Mel Coyle & Jenn Marie Nunes, Five Poems
Ricardo Domeneck translated by Hilary Kaplan, Three Poems
Traktung Yeshe Dorje, Three Poems
Phil Estes, Four Poems
Javier Etchevarren translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval, Four Poems
Jacqueline Kari, from Gin Mill: An Impossible Play
Eunsong Kim, from Copy Paper: Ream 3
Kenji C. Liu, Four Poems
Uche Nduka, Five Poems
Janice Lobo Sapigao, from microchips for millions
Gary J. Shipley, Four Texts
Vincent Tholomé translated by Alex Niemi, The John Cage Experiences


Three Poems by Clemens Altgård
from Loss by Aase Berg
Eye of Now by Blake Butler
I, Lack-a-daisy by Don Mee Choi
from Style by Dolores Dorantes, trans. by Jen Hofer
Two Poems by Clayton Eshleman
Broken nails illustrious curs the wind by Juan Gelman, trans. by Lisa Rose Bradford
Ornamental Onion by Penny Goring
5 Poems by Kim Yi-Deum, trans. Ji Yoon Li
from I’m OK, I’m Pig! by Kim Hyesoon, trans. by Don Mee Choi
Four Poems by Rebecca Loudon
from Dream Machine by Sade Murphy
Ten Poems by Andra Rotaru
from Suicide Mountain by Matthew Suss
from Roman Nights by Martin Glaz Serup, trans. by Christopher Sand-Iversen
Two Short Films by Sara Tuss Efrik and Mark Efrik Hammarberg

ISSUE 17 FALL 2012

Co-edited by Carina Finn & Ji yoon Lee, with contributions by Johannes Göransson and Emily Hunt

6 Poems by Christopher Barnes
Possession by Feng Sun Chen
7 Types of Ambiguity by Michele Christle
from 4 ARK CODEX ±0 by Ark Codex
from Can Sam Run Out by Stella Corso
3 Poems by Ben Fama
7 Poems by Elizabeth Franklin
Spleen by A. Minetta Gould
Home/Birth by Arielle Greenberg, Rachel Zucker, Jiyoon Lee, Carina Finn
4 Poems by Alfred Starr Hamilton
i fry fish for Jayzis by Josef Horáček
Leak Leak Leak by Tim Jones-Yelvington
6 Poems by Zvonko Karanović translated by Ana Božičević
5 Poems by Avram Kline
Pankration by M.E. MacFarland
Allison Power (after Marcel Duchamp) by Jennifer Nelson
6 Essays by a rawlings
from I Am Going To Save Your Life by Christie Ann Reynolds
3 Pieces by Steve Roggenbuck
from Obtuse Diary by Amelia Rosselli, translated by Dario De Pasquale and Deborah Woodard
“A Voice To Make Tangible My Obsession” by Jen Stockdale
from Still Places To Go by Paige Taggart
4 Poems by Emily Toder


Swedish Issue
Edited by Anna Thörnell and Sara Tuss Efrik

from Prefatory Provisions by Ida Börjel
5 Photos by Nathalia Edenmont
sounds for soloists Sebastian Eskildsen and Cia Rinne
I wanted to get up but could not by Leif Holmstrand
Swedish Summer by Stina Kajaso
You Are the Roots that Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in Place by Eli Levén, translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles
Winter Diary by Lidija Praizovic, translated from the Swedish by Johannes Göransson
Play Onwards: A Play On Words #1 by Imri Sandström
5 Paintings by Danilo Stankovic
All the Places Where You Don’t Read This by Pär Thörn
Astrakhan by David Uppgren, translated by Emilia Salmi


Merry Widow by Gina Abelkop
5 Poems by Melissa Broder
from Solar Throat Slashed translations of Aimé Césaire by Clayton Eshleman & A. James Arnold
Instructions on how to by Francesca Chabrier
from Conversations Over Stolen Food by Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch
8 poems by Lucas de Lima
Organized Nomadistorms of Broken Oases by Clayton Eshleman
from The Constitution by Brian Foley
from The Brain Letters by Sarah Fox
7 Poems by Toshiko Hirata, translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles
Photocomic by Blaise Larmee
3 Pieces by Michael Leong
Hi, Baby by Scott Longo
Purity by Dane Martin
from Brides by Laura Mullen
from Fist or Words Bereft of Sense by Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl
Car by Jason Overby

Punching Clown by David Peak
from Tree of Diana by Alejandra Pizarnik, translated by Jason Stumpf
Serbian Ballerinas Dance with Machine Guns: The Cosmic Vision of Refbatch by Jackie Wang
3 poems by C. S. Ward


I have nothing to do with birds by Aylin Bloch Boynukisa, translated by Johannes Göransson
6 Poems by Bradley Paul
In Memory of Marina Tsvetaeva by Boris Pasternak, translated by James Stotts
Garbage Bag, Blackbird, Shadow Puppet by Grier Phillips
Boat Oades by Matt Reeck
how to fight the middle class by Michael Rerick
Attainment by Anji Reyner
2 Pieces by James Robinson
You are the image by Claudia Ryan
6 Poems by Larry Sawyer
The Grave on the Wall by Brandon Shimoda
4 Poems by Philip Sorenson
from Self-Help Poems by Sampson Starkweather
5 Poems by Celina Su
from the hanging cloud of read mistakes by Jennifer Tamayo
2 Poems by Steven Teref
The Alkaline of Maurizo’s New Exhibit by Catherine Theis
14 Poems by Georg Trakl, translated by Parker Smathers
9 Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated from the Russian and introduced by James Stotts
3 poems by J. A. Tyler
2 Poems by Jared White
3 Poems; 4 Drawings by Sam White
Hans und Greeting
by John Moore Williams
2 Poems
by Mike Young


PR for Poetry by Stan Apps
3 Poems by Earl Babin
from Excess Exhibit by Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin
from The Sugar Numbers by Judson Hamilton
The Van Gogh Diary by Evelyn Hampton
Totem by Mary Hickman
Remix of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame by Christopher Higgs
Immortal Something No. 1 by Lacey Hunter
from The Book of Freaks by Jamie Iredell
from Libel by Lucy Ives
5 Poems by Russell Jaffe
The Walls of Uruk by A D Jameson
from Champion by Shane Jones
from Malilenas by Garret Kalleberg
What I Was Saying To Peeping Tom of Coventry by Pablo Larios
from Daughter by Janice Lee
from Carlyle: Histories by Patrick Leonard
from China Cowboy by Kim Gek Lin Short
6 Poems by Reb Livingston
Pataphysical Nebraska by Sarah Mangold
One Name Would Be Enough to Exorcise This Astonishment by Kristi Maxwell
from I Woke Up Early in the Morning After the End of the World by Ian McCarty
5 Poems by RC Miller
2 Poems by Sara Mumolo
A Way No Longer Had by Jessica Newman
Miami by JoAnna Novak
3 Poems by Aleksey Porvin, translated by Peter Golub
from Anatomy Lesson
by Christian Prigent, translated by Adrian Kien
6 Poem-Drawings
by Jono Tosch


Crush the Assholetters Between the Teeth: Språkgrotesk in Henri Michaux and Gunnar Ekelöf (Part 2) by Per Bäckström
5 Poems by Bernard Bador, translated by Clayton Eshleman
3 Poems by Ross Brighton
Spring and All by James Capozzi
The Hindenburg by Tyler Carter
2 Poems by Amy Catanzano
6 Poems by Tina Brown Celona
2 Poems by Juliet Cook
4 Poems by Marisa Crawford
2 Sung Poems by Olivia Cronk
2 Poems by Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle
6 Poems by Peter Davis
from Self-Titled / 5 Poems by Nick Demske
5 Landscapes / Reminder by Geoffrey Detrani
Insurgency by Dot Devota
3 Poems by Christopher DeWeese
Near a Window by Justin Dobbs
3 Poems by Claire Donato
3 Poems by Donald Dunbar
from Catfish Poems by Tim Earley
4 Poems by Clayton Eshleman
58 Propositions on Life and Death by Jean-Michel Espitallier, translated by Jennifer K. Dick
Lyriks by Robert Fernandez
from A Nest This Size by Ann Fine
Notes Toward A by Sara Greenslit
from 1001 Stories by Richard Kostelanetz, translated from the Swedish
2 Poems by Lito Elio Porto
5 Poems by Grzegorz Wroblewski, translated by Adam Zdrodowski
from Song For His Disappeared Love
by Raúl Zurita, translated by Daniel Borzutzky

ISSUE 11 FALL 2009

Canadien Special
curated by François Luong

Minimal Animals by Daniel Canty, translated from the French
from The Rose Concordance by Angela Carr
The Bells by Jason Christie
5 Poems by Cris Costa
from Security Posture by Sarah Dowling
Status Updates by Darren Wershler-Henry & Bill Kennedy
5 Poems; Quotations of Brainy Smurf; Ambiance by Ray Hsu
6 Poems by Sonnet L’Abbé
As It Happens by Chantal Neveu, translated from the French by Sophie Bellissent, Antonia McGrath, Marina Polosa, & Gisèle Trudel
from Rule of Three by a.rawlings
4 Poems; 4 Sound Poems & 6 Visual Poems by glenN robsoN
Who Comes In? by Hector Ruiz, translated from the French by François Luong
from Croak by Jenny Sampirisi
If Therapy is a Must by Jordan Scott
3 Visual Poems by Angela Szczepaniak
from “On the Trail, the Image” by François Turcot, translated from the French by François Luong

Rambo Goes to Idaho to Study Poetry by Scott Abels
The Guardian’s Accurate Shotgun Upon Your Brow by Maureen Alsop
2 Stories by Kathleen Andersen
3 Poems by Takako Arai, translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles
Primary Anatomy by Rachel Gontijo Araujo
he writes by Cara Benson
The Dog of Interrogation by Mark Bilbrey
3 Stories by Wyatt Bonikowski
3 Poems by Jessica Bozek
Go Tokyo by David Brennan
2 Poems by Megan Martin
from A Book of Poems on Beauty; from One Thousand Flowers; Review of Witness My Shame by Anne Lesley Selcer


Dances of Vice, Horror, and Ecstasy, by Anita Berber & Sebastian Droste, translated by Merrill Cole
A Quick Introduction to Abstract Comics by Tim Gaze
Selections from Abstract Comics edited by Andrei Molotiu, featuring work by Warren Craghead III, Mike Getsiv, Janusz Jaworski, James Kochalka, Jason Overby, Bill Shut, & Jeff Zenick
Alcoholalia by Andrei Molotiu
The Barbarian Intervention by Andrei Molotiu
The Life of a Young Creep or Ladybug Massacre by Krammer Abrahams
from Now 1/3 by Demosthenes Agrafiotis, translated by John & Angelos Sakkis
Crush the Assholetters Between the Teeth by Per Bäckström
5 Poems by David Ball
from “Small Liberties” by Elaine Bleakney
5 Poems by Merrill Cole
6 Poems by Thomas Cook
Dead Can Dance by Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle
from The Three Hour Swedish Problem by Tyler Flynn Dorholt
from Lake Antiquity by Brandon Downing
7 Poems by Rodica Draghincescu, translated by Adam J. Sorkin & Antuza Genescu
from strips, attempts, games by Rémi Froger, translated by François Luong
from One Briefcase, Two Landscapes, and a Fuse by James Grinwis
3 Prose Poems by Estela Lamat, translated by Michael Leong
4 Poems by Andrew Lundwall
4 Poems by Chris Major
6 Poems from Common Time by Chris Pusateri
35 New Pages by Lev Rubinstein
from A Silent Little Girl by James Sacré, translated by David Ball
Baby makeup by Kate Schapira
3 Poems by Adam Siegel
from Fifteen Walls; from Phabetical by Nico Vassilakis
Robert Grenier’s “Always/Only/A/Plenum”: A Reaction and A Response by Tim Wood
Buttons by Matvei Yankelevich
3 Poems by Adam Siegel


from Enumeration of Colonies by Ellen Baxt
Girl Body by Dodie Bellamy
Letters from the Other Side of Jail by Amy Clark
2 Pieces by Tina Darragh
5 Pieces by Kate Dougherty
2 Automanias by Sara Tuss Efrik
As Gracefully as I Knew How by Elizabeth Ellen
2 Poems by Clayton Eshleman
3 Performances by FLUXCONCERT
6 Postcards by Jennifer H. Fortin
An Installation about David Lynch by Angela Genusa
“From cosmos to cosmetics”: A Note on Aase Berg’s Guinea Pigs & Girly Kitsch by Lara Glenum
3 Stories by Lily Hoang
amagansett (6) by P. Inman
Crystal Castles by Matt Kirkpatrick
5 Poems by Rauan Klassnik
What if the citizen is a girl? by Aaron Kunin
3 Poems by Mark Leidner
2 Powerpoint Poems by Jill Magi
All is Fair in Love and War by Sabrina Orah Mark
Empty Stool by Alissa Nutting
3 Poems; Clayton Eshleman and the Spirits of the Head by James Pate
from Big American Trip by Christian Peet
3 Stories / 1 Song and 1 Painting by Claudia Smith / Dan Grissom
3 Stories by Girija Tropp
from Pirke Avot Book of Fathers / Habeas Corpus! by Evan Willner


The Avant-Garde in Babel: Two or Three Notes on Four or Five Words by Robert Archambeau
Guru Papers by Per Bäckström
from Ficticia by María Baranda, translated by Joshua Edwards
2 Stories by Blake Butler
I Go To Some Hollow by Amina Cain
from Emblematic Moon by Vernon Frazer
Microphone + Title by Noah Eli Gordon, read by Eric Baus, Noah Eli Gordon, and Sara Veglahn
Um Um: A Novel to Lips by Emily Hunt
5 Poems by Jon Leon
Today the Smell of Worms and Wet Pennies by Josh Maday
from c/o Night by Bruno K. Oijer
on Pentinpeijaiset by Doug Robinson
3 Poems by Kate Schapira
An Introduction to Venantius Fortunatus for Schoolchildren by Mike Czagany
2 Poems by Mark Tursi
Performance at Issue Project Room by Joe Wenderoth


4 Poems by Rosa Alcalá
One Earth, Four or Five Words: The Notion of ‘Avant-Garde’ Problematized by Per Bäckström
Celebrated Genome by Raymond Bianchi

from Buan by by Rocio Cerón, translated by Rosa Alcalá
Submit to Maximum Gaga! by Lara Glenum
Blood Drive by Daniel Groves
2 Poems by Dan Hoy
One Letter Changes by Richard Kostalanetz
O Alongamento (The Elongation) by Sergio Medeiros, translated from Portuguese by Raymond Bianchi
An Introduction and 8 Poems by Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray, translated by Robert Archambeau and Jean-Luc Garneau

2 Poems
by Catherine Taylor
Three Excerpts from “The Dandelion Clock” Daniel Tiffany, by Colin Upton poem & voice; Andrea Loselle, miniature theater; Daniel Rothman, composer & film; Theodore Mook, cello
Comixs and the Lowbrow by Colin Upton
Quartet For Motor, Wind, Heartbeat, Landslide by Jasmine Dreame Wagner
5 Poems After Paintings by Alessandro Twombly by Lila Zemborain, translated by Rosa Alcalá


On the Poverty of Internet Life: a Call for Poets by Jasper Bernes
4 Poems by Louis E. Bourgeois
Two from American Vistas by Steve Bradbury

45 Letters to Magnussons before the Spring… by Annabel Castro Meagher
Notes toward the Postmodern Baroque by Joshua Corey
4 Poems by Gabriel Gudding
Three from Homeland Bomb by Hung Hung, translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury
Two Poems by Catherine Meng
Wittgenstein, Deleuze, and the Political Grotesque by James Pate
“The Perforator God” and “Sucking” (a statement of poetics) by Ariana Reines

3 Poems
by Daniel Spinks

Special: Canicola

Giacomo Monti
Michelangelo Setola
Alessandro Tota
Amanda Vähämäki


from Bixley Remedial School by Ivan Blatný, translated by Anna Moschovakis with Veronika Tuckerová
from Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown
10 Drawings from Jag smetade av mig på tapeten, den ljusa soffan och dig (I Smeared the Wallpaper, the Light Couch and You) by Sara Eriksson
2 Poems by Luis Felipe Fabre, translated by Jason Stumpf
5 Poems by Hiromi Itō (伊藤比呂美), translated by Jeffrey Angles
from My Aspiring Villian by Paolo Javier
from Sleight by Kirsten Kaschock
Same As by Carol Novack
Why I Opt for a Postmodern Ethic; a Specifically Grotesque, Uncanny and/or Sublime Strategy; Physical Pain; a Speaker Who Wears Human Drag; Childbirth; a Planet that is not Necessarily in Outer Space: by Danielle Pafunda
Beat Box and an essay on Spirit
by John Wilkinson

Special: A Panel On Excess

Poetic Nonaction by Anne Boyer
Notes On Women & the Grotesque
by Lara Glenum
Who’s Scared of Dada? The Aesthetics of Homelessness by Johannes Göransson
Excessivism by K. Silem Mohammad


Failure in the Imagination by Daniel Borzutzky
The Rapture Hat by Kristy Caldwell & Ronald Donn
Reveal: Storm & Reveal: Fiction by Bruce Covey
Information by Bob Heman
No One’s Story by Alta Ifland
2 Poems by Sean Kilpatrick
5 Poems from Les Ziaux by Raymond Queneau, translated by Daniela Hurezanu and Stephen Kessler
From “33 Functioning Machines” (Ausschnitt aus „33 Funktionierende Maschinen“) by Veronika Reichl, translated by Donna Stonecipher
4 Poems from Hospital Series (Serie ospedaliera) by Amelia Rosselli, translated by Giuseppe Leporace and Deborah Woodard
TULSITA by the WaKOW Collective
Hunter Mnemonic 1-4 by Deborah Woodard

Special: Translations from Chile

From Cara de Hereje by Manuel Silva Acevedo, translated by Daniel Borzutzky
from One Year (Un Año) by Juan Emar, translated by Daniel Borzutzky
From Port Trakl (Puerto Trakl) by Jaime Luis Huenún, translated by Daniel Borzutzky


A Journey from Colony to Neocolony by Don Mee Choi
6 Poems by Julie Doxsee
3 Poems by Jennifer Hayashida
2 Poems by Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi
3 Poems & 2 Collages by Lucy Ives
Trainer of the Year by Andrew Moody
from Bela-Wenda by Mutumbo Nkulu-N’Sengha, translated by Marcela Malek Sulak
Rotorblades (Rotorblad), Movements 1-5 from A Different Practice(En annorlunda praktik) by Fredrik Nyberg, translated by Jennifer Hayashida
12 Resolutions to a New Year by James Pate
from Lefthand Exploring by Hélène Sanguinetti, translated by Ann Cefola
3 Poems by Sandra Simonds
Excerpts from 3 Works by Lars Skinnebach, translated by Marianne Ølholm
3 Poems by Mathias Svalina
2 Poems from Cornstarch Figurine by Elizabeth Treadwell
Aligned in the Ranks of Amoebic Ancestry by Derek White

Special: Tokyo Refuge

Jennifer Fumiko Cahill
Jason Marak
Jack McLean

Kotaro Takamura/Mariko Nagai


The first chapter of The Book of Fixing by Guy Benjamin Brookshire
3 Poems by Benjamin Bucholz
Morton Girl from a longer work of criticism entitled The Meiotics of Robot Eschatology by Tristan Davies
Chapter 2 of September for Jen by Dolores Dorantes, translated by Jen Hofer
8 Poems by Ryan Gallagher
7 Collages by Lisa Hargon-Smith
Inconsequentia audio by Derek Henderson and Derek Pollard
The Rationalists by Kristen Iskandrian
Clipart Collages & Poems by Amir Kenan
5 Poems from The Dead Waters by Eeva-Liisa Manner, translated by Seija Paddon
7 Poems by Joseph Milford
3 Poems by Danielle Pafunda
5 Poems by Barbara Jane Reyes
3 Poems by Zachary Schomburg
5 Poems from lobeslips (lobo de labio) by Laura Solórzano, translated by Jen Hofer
2 Poems by Novica Tadic translated by Steven Teref and Maja Teref

Special: Idaho

Scott Abels
J. Reuben Appelman
Adrian Kien
Eric Schweiker

Catherine Wagner


3 Collages – poems by Aase Berg, images by Tom Benson, translations by Johannes Göransson
5 Poems by Crystal Curry
from Improvisations on Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delight by Clayton Eshleman

I No Longer Believe in the Sun: Love Letters to Kiki Courage by Derek Fenner
10’s by Brent Hendricks
5 Poems by Vladimír Holan translations by Josef Horáček and Lara Glenum
6 Poems by Cathy Park Hong
U.S. Post Modern Office Homes Inc. by Matt Madden
Pan-Pan at the Negro Nude’s Ass by Clément Pansaers, translation by Michael Hays Sanchez

from Touch to Affliction by Nathalie Stephens