5 Poems
by David Ball

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The Body in Pain

It is waiting for you.
You wait for it.
There is nothing you can do.
It will be you.

I am the Thorn of God that

sticks and sticks

It is the pain of life which
shall be removed

A Believer

A dream sincerely lived in the angelic world
does not always benefit the dreamer

He saw God as a beautiful young man

This was not forbidden if he did not paint him
If he did they might pull out his toenails

Instead he saw these things in sleep or in
a spiritual dimension

Living with these things
painting these things

He lived under high tension

Another Believer

They didnít believe in the holy mother of God
Their throats were cut with blood
They all believed in the holy mother of God
Their throats were cut with blood

Holy mother of God
Her throat cut with a blood unknown to us
Say it to believers wherever they meet
These visions of the mother of God

Walked with him on the street
Rode with him in the train the car the bus
John the Revelator and the bleeding lamb too
Rode with him all night, went all the way through

A Struggle

The virtuous combat had begun.
Down the hall, there was an open door
a room, a light. Inside I saw
my enemies.
The lines were drawn
and they had won.

The Dream Oracle


It will be hot and it will be cold
You will win and you will lose
You will lose
You will lose

Woke up and found that all of this was true


What was found is lost
what is lost was not found
A poem about the transience
A poem about the Lost and Found of life