3 Poems
by Adam Siegel

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Diva in Grau

"Schwabendorf ein Meer
des Friedens."  "The impossibility
of acting." "The impossibility of not
knowing how to present

the only face that mattered."
"Making that meal.  I ate it."
"The bread with the crust,
the spine along the top

the thickest; the bowls of olive oil,
salt, and garlic."
"The wine, the red country wine."
"Out of the villages."

"Who else would have been happier

down in there?" "Down in the villages."


It was my birthday  my birthday  all along
The words sent into my mouth were not the ones that came out of my mouth
"That black dog  myself"  "He dreamed of leaving"

"Robert said it"  "He piled on the affectations just to accentuate it"
"Biting my nails just for the sake of it"
"It was I who was the star"  "And I knew

It was I who would be the star"  "I lay in bed with injuries
With an erection"  "The return to the clinic"
"The dreams of the clinic"

"That people like us crept around  unworthily"
"Having crashed my car in the rain  Theodor-Heussplatz"
"Ein deutscher Dichter in ovo"

"Wearing her clothes because they fit me"
"Now one never know who be one  do one"


I was the janitor  and she
The janitor’s wife
“I’ll be the janitor and you
Can be the janitor’s wife”

“Down in the basement,
Down in the basement”
We sang “Sol et lumière”

To fuck someone capable
Of such a statement  “Could
it ever be possible?"  “Left for
Dead at Bärenkeller-Nord” the fantasy

“Left for dead instead
in Bärenkeller-Süd”   Real people laboring

In secrecy was the only history of the religion