Status Updates
by Darren Wershler-Henry and Bill Kennedy

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Lord Byron 10:09 am 30 August 2008

Lord Byron is reading about how Haruki Murakami became a runner and a novelist at the same time and wants to imitate his lifestyle. Lord Byron wonders if you would like a medal for your ability to correctly identify an emotion. Lord Byron 's teacher hat is too tight. Lord Byron is supposed to be writing but is watching for the lightning to strike instead. Lord Byron is truckin. And drinkin. And excited for Shavon's wedding. Lord Byron is wondering what is up with Biden?? Lord Byron thinks it's nice to be liked but it's better by far to get paid. Lord Byron knows she is going to regret his decision to watch "The Shining" before bed. Lord Byron is thinking of going faceless. Lord Byron is home. sigh. Lord Byron can't wait to get out into the sunshine. Lord Byron is still sharing that occasional scream when trying to prop up the broken ribs part so the broken leg part doesn't become the 'thing we don't talk about.' Lord Byron is doing okay. Lord Byron is the perfect amount of hung-over. Lord Byron errands, daydreams, refinements. Lord Byron is a message in a bottle. Lord Byron cringes over the sheer force that a bevy and gaggle of nurses. Lord Byron is rained out. Champagne at home instead! Lord Byron is putting one foot in front of the other. Lord Byron : Ecology, not war; trees not bombs. Lord Byron is on the road again.... Lord Byron needs more beach, less speech. Lord Byron should probably feel worse about her passion for schmaltz. Lord Byron is hoping the landscaping is done by tomorrow.

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Emily Brontë 9:16 pm 19 Jan 09

Emily Brontë is glad she's having the chance to remember how much she likes driving on the highway with the radio blasting. Emily Brontë sends best wishes for your health and happiness in 2009. Emily Brontë is not skiing today. NO SNOW WTF. Emily Brontë is editing and deconstructing. Emily Brontë is not ready for another baby today. I can pencil something in for Nov. 1 if that's good for everyone else. Emily Brontë is closing the bar. Emily Brontë: at the Horseshoe turning over might have beens as if playing marbles with dark glass spheres. Emily Brontë is a closing argument. Emily Brontë is spending her Saturday marking CS315 papers - who needs a life? Emily Brontë is dating an extra on 'The Border.' Emily Brontë is meh. Emily Brontë 's chainsaw pony shirt design is a pick of the day. SWEEEET. Emily Brontë is remembering Rome and Mike and busting up her camera in Florence. Emily Brontë has certainly had better days than this one. Emily Brontë is essentially off the grid for another day or so. Emily Brontë secretly likes Gwen Steffani. Emily Brontë probably shouldn't be saying anything on updates at present. Emily Brontë: gold bikini. Emily Brontë is ready for things to stop getting worse. Emily Brontë is about to get on the plane with Sonia & Lalo,well perhaps some day if the plane ever leaves. Emily Brontë is having lunch for the third time this week with her daughter who is at Laurier for the Suzuki teacher institute ... Emily Brontë and her Playstation are overly friendly these days. Emily Brontë is finding a lake to swim.

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Mina Loy 1:46 pm 2 Oct 2008

Mina Loy is caffienating. Mina Loy is watching Heroes. Mina Loy wants to clarify: the puppies are her mum's. They are not random Internet puppies. Mina Loy would be so happy if one sinus didn't feel like it was going to explode. Mina Loy went to the Entertainment Tonight party at Casa Loma. Then went home, where things are more interesting, it seems. Mina Loy can smell it in the air. It's slightly tingly and heavy with desire. Mina Loy is chillin' like a villian. Mina Loy is hangovery. Mina Loy looks around her. Awesome life really. Mina Loy is planning all sorts of open shindigs. Mina Loy has arrived safely. Mina Loy couldn't get any X-Rays because everything at the hospital was on shut-down. Better luck tomorrow. Mina Loy is finished her silent cursing of the child from the waterpark. Mina Loy is Pelee Island. Mina Loy wants to live in a universe of 1940s-style private eyes who are fish. Mina Loy is off to dusk dances with two-thirds of the kids. Mina Loy Is it time for more red wine yet?? Mina Loy is leaving on the sleep train. Mina Loy once more wondering who is interested in the soon-new CBC Radio 2. Mina Loy says, "Here Comes the Rain Again." Mina Loy likes jogging in the foggy winter wineyards. Mina Loy is wondering, "what am I doing right now?" Mina Loy 's sweater says "it's easy." Mina Loy is thinking that all of her friends from yon should get webcams. Mina Loy is the big two six. Mina Loy is off to Barcelona! Mina Loy has come to some difficult conclusions. Mina Loy needs TV when she's got T. Rex.

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Mary Shelley 9:32 pm 29 Oct 2008

Mary Shelley is learning, learning, learning. And bleeding a bit. Mary Shelley is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Mary Shelley loves reading the list of status updates as a bizarre short story. Mary Shelley is getting ready to eat turkey on Sunday and Monday and on Tuesday it's all about the polls. Mary Shelley wants to know what's all this talk about being and time? Mary Shelley is absorbing the REPO: A GENETIC OPERA sndtrk. Mary Shelley may have found an espresso machine for the office. Fingers crossed. Mary Shelley forgot to bring her camera yesterday, and didn't get a photo with Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffolo, and Sharon Lawrence! Mary Shelley can smell it in the air. It's slightly tingly and heavy with desire. Mary Shelley is owl-eyed. Mary Shelley is sleepless in Sciatica. Mary Shelley heard talk of Igor Kenk in a Brooklyn coffee joint. Mary Shelley is reading Henry Green on the beach. Mary Shelley is wanting, waiting and wielding a very big stick. Mary Shelley is trying to unclutter her space (impossible). Mary Shelley hates the occasional neo-lib thoughts that pop into her head... is this how it started with Condoleeza? Mary Shelley wants to live in a universe of 1940's-style private eyes who are fish. Mary Shelley is off to Barcelona! Mary Shelley has come to some difficult conclusions. Mary Shelley is back from wasaga. Mary Shelley is singing in the rain. Mary Shelley check out that cover story on The Hills After Show just so I can know someone besides the editor(s) read it. Mary Shelley is planning a fish-funeral. Mary Shelley is leaving on the sleep train. Mary Shelley thinks that all this rain is good practice for Vancouver. Mary Shelley is giagantor raindrops falling on my head! oh wait... it's!! Mary Shelley says, "Here Comes the Rain Again." Mary Shelley is wondering, "what am I doing right now?" Mary Shelley 's sweater says "it's easy." Mary Shelley is taking time for a big fat glass of red wine. Make that several big fat glasses.

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Jim Morrison 1:44 pm 2 October 08

Jim Morrison is also should maybe be possibly asleep sleeping or something, maybe. Jim Morrison wonders who needs leftover donuts from his job this morning. Architecture undergrads? Half-homeless musicians? Anyone? Jim Morrison the level of poetry at these things is sublime and eternal. Jim Morrison is always beside himself. Jim Morrison was introduced to the world's hottest wings by his sister last night and is deeply, deeply appreciative. Jim Morrison is amazed that anyone thinks Palin is a good idea. Jim Morrison is reading Babel to the horses. Jim Morrison is doing laundry on a cool summer night in Buffalo, the murky sounds of overloud Olympics flooding the tiled room, Brian singing along to commercials... Jim Morrison is flown (escaflowne?) Jim Morrison thinks it's weird that Chris and Jim are friends. Jim Morrison can sleep now. One gold, one silver, two bronze. Jim Morrison has way too many things on the go. How does that happen so quick? Jim Morrison is playing with his records tonight, and NOTHING shall interfere. Jim Morrison is 2-6. Jim Morrison : Gone fishing. More or less offline until Sunday night. Outtie! Jim Morrison now knows how to count cards thanks to Kevin Spacey. Jim Morrison is about to become MC Hammer for the weekend. Jim Morrison is still out there somewhere. Jim Morrison is craving those soft sea-salt caramels from Feast in Charlottesville. Jim Morrison is taking a vacation from himself (tks bob). Jim Morrison has an iPhone for some reason... just for 2 weeks though. Jim Morrison only seems to think of status updates at work.

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Petrarch 9:28 pm 29 Oct 2008

Petrarch ails. Petrarch wants to tell you where to stick your mercury thermometers! Petrarch is half way there ... living on a prayer. Petrarch: The movers and the U-Haul are booked. More jobs done. Petrarch is harder than Buddha, sexier than Jesus and CANNOT BE KILLED. Petrarch doesn't wish to alarm you but your economy's on fire. Petrarch is missing home. Petrarch is ... getting down to some (actually) important work today (enough with the busy-making!) Petrarch likes what culture produces: wine, yoghurt and ART! Make the Arts an election issue! Join our group, "Save Prom-Art". Petrarch still hates the new Facebook. Petrarch is insomnia + jetlag = fun fun fun. Petrarch is back from a great holiday. Petrarch made you funky. Petrarch is... uploading movies to YouTube like nobody's business. Petrarch is so glad Jack Layton took the time to write supporting our arts protests. See my note! Petrarch is looking after Parker Dog (who's being shy). Petrarch is sad that Chris and Sandy can't come to the pub :(. Petrarch wants to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. It makes getting older easier. Petrarch is on the hunt for bagels. Petrarch is covering/recovering his face. Petrarch : Apres moi, la deluge ... Petrarch wants to smoke because of mad men. Petrarch is needing a vacation away from this world. Petrarch is wondering where the time went. Petrarch 's wait is over. Petrarch is in Collingwood. He misses his cat. Petrarch is excited that Kanee is getting married. Our little girl is all grown up!

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Ezra Pound 11:02 am 19 August 2008

Ezra Pound is introspective and grumpy today. Ezra Pound is STILL being spied on by the landlords. AAAARRRGHHH. Ezra Pound does have a new camera phone now, which takes better pictures, although never is used... Ezra Pound isn't cheating. Ezra Pound has been too busy to Facebook.

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