from Croak
by Jenny Sampirisi

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Frog I


a chair-leg gets stuck in the churn of stagnant pond water
and evaporates with us so it can be
about everything.

an old car rolls in sideways and sinks. it sinks.

[mud is a thing a car isn’t]

coaxial cables weed the river bed.
brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax

obsessive words we can’t get rid of along moveable
boundaries, skin for example, trip up.

one particle moves.
on the other side a toe splinters.
on the other side a word called toe.

now you have extra. more. extoe. exactly.

[it’s always about something whether mud or car or sink or
float or waterspider or meniscus or leg or foot or arm or pond]

be about something. be about. a thing worth a word.

a frog. a frog.
a something.


a frog. a frog. leaps
and grows a new toe.

examine. extend. extol.

Frog 0


Missing back left leg.
Missing back right leg.
Extra foot growing out of back left leg.
Extra back right leg.
Deformed back left leg.
Unabsorbed tail.
Extra left leg.
Extra and deformed left leg.
One eyed.
Tail unabsorbed.
Missing left leg.
Deformed tail.

sing back .ft leg
sing back .ht leg
ex fff rows back .ft leg
ex k right leg
dorm back .ft leg
tadpole t. ever ab
ex .ft leg
mm .ft leg
one eyed fff
ail un.sorb
sing .ft leg
form tail

Frog II


Go back to left leg. Stop. There are exactly two. It’s possible that you’ve neglected a third. Probable is two thirds. Stop. Are you certain this was always here? Reconstruct the shoddy work youknowwhat. Find data socket. Go back. Not to distract you but. to distract you. detract you but. stability is two legs working together.


                        It’s exactly
                        an exact



Which slender and hollow do you mean?