Boat Odes
by Matt Reeck

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Certainly the word revolves around an axis. Certainly you are listening to the Bee Gees.  Certainly the world involves a catamaran. Certainly a catamaran. Certainly you are squeezing the fiber from a coconut. Certainly the firefighters have extinguished the blaze. Certainly the city is more enjoyable on mushrooms. Certainly the anesthetic was administered locally.  Certainly docked along the shoreline.


This story begins with Katya.  This story begins with a woman named Katya.  This story begins on Albans Street with a woman named Katya.  On the street called Albans the story begins with Katya.  This story begins when Katya boards the autobus on Albans.  Katya begins the story on the autobus boarded by persons.  Katya rides the story bus to the next street called Brigadier General.  At the street called Brigadier General the bus derails from coasters.  The coasters of this story name Katya hyperechoic.  Hyperechoic Katya descends from a warehouse castle on Albans.  This story begins at the Brigadier’s when the autobus boards the airplane.  The airplane delivers this story to Katya, the Hyperechoic.  This story begins with Katya in the airplane taking Advil.  Katya takes Advil with her autobus in the warehouse.  This story redeems the valuables of Katya at the pawnshop.  Katya makes a storybook that begins with a man named Albans.  Albans is related to another man named Prahu.  Prahu begins this story of a story beginning with Katya.


You must curtsey before the Queen.  Before the Queen, you must curtsey, but the Queen does not curtsey.  You must curtsey before the Queen, but before the Queen the Queen does not curtsey.  Before the Queen you must curtsey but the Queen before the Queen.  The Queen is eating with milquetoast by the caïque in the bedroom.  In the coda of the milquetoast with the bedroom and the curtsey.  The Queen is watching the windows where the windows are like levers.  The Queen does not curtsey but the windows with frilly levers.  The levers of the Queen in the bedroom end on Sunday.  Eating with the milquetoast on the caïque that never wobbles.  The Queen is punting the caïque towards the casuarinas of the curtsey.


Were you thinking about the video where the goats were in the slough?  In the slough of the video thinking about the door of the goatherd?  The door was emaciated and intravenous like the feeling.  The veins of the slough were made of bunting and copper ribbons.  The ribs of the bunting were like the video of intravenous.  The goat in the video died in the slough of copper bunting.


Last lights were extinguished with the Dipper of Southern Linger.  The sura was read aloud when the lights were dipped in crinkle.  The crinkle of the dipper southern lighted all the suras. The suras that I read with the light of extinguished fingers.


And there was the schooner.  And there was the schooner where it belonged.  Where it belonged where was the schooner was.  Was there where the schooner was belonging in the evening?  In the evening was the schooner and the sails that then were folded.  Then folded in the evening was the schooner with the sails.  The schooner in the evening with the belonging of the sails.  In the evening was the schooner where the tocsin was yet unfolding.


Fit it onto the dinghy did the one.  They fit it one onto the dinghy.  They fit it two.  And they fit it three.  The fitting was refitted in the dinghy O Jeffersonian.


A pledge to the bearer brought the people to the bier.  The bier was carried by people in the street with outward longing.  In the street with the bier were the people pledged to bearing.  The bearing of the bier in the street of all the people.


Tomas knows Frank and Frank is friends with Ernie.  Since Ernie ate with Sally, and Sally is the major.  The major of the minor is the fifth of closing seconds.  In the restaurant near the closing Tomas mentioned bodacious Ali.


At the dock is where they found him.  They found him with the cattle.  They found him with the cattle and the sheep got off the boat.  When the boat did dock at dockside the dock was full of people.  The people saw him pound upon the boat all full of cattle.  The cattle then that ran into the streets of moral fiber.  The fiber of the moral was the cattle in the steeple.  The people near the steeple erred in thinking about the cattle.  The moral of the cattle was in the quid-pro-quo-like people.