how to fight the middle class
by Michael Rerick

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creep seen collapsed hand in hand
a laptop strike of language hum
a you’re aloof and crouched in a couch
flop by flop playing the window ring
dispersal gathering first its weight
tight balls of a you-packed-know-how
spray too a wave to fight the tug the pull
against dangling feet tethered to a middle
glass ping toast to the reunion class
dropped to take up the hairpin, bobby pin
this job a perpetual motion machine
recycling different in a red bin
the rainbow variation and bleed of garbage
an I am because a prohibitive don’t slip
credulously gaping the overt s ip\
performed again the comedy of congested s|ips
hansom moron of disappointments and ironies
the thick sheen redoubled in the street
pain of internal ruptures grumbling a language
teeth and a name-badge printed Mary
an archaic index system with no alphabet
J proper nouns as in Jackson and Joseph
property founded under fence post boundaries
a soap to put over the body called it
an unironic gaze ritualized to the icon
pivotal I caught beseeching the mirror
nothing in the snow but a trail of animals
and a chimney line flex of flues
pedestrians sewing marbleized glares
a pinhead of anxiety grown mossy
labeled to release the precious contents
a push from the concurrent current away
pined and framed with aged toothpicks
an I am excavated from a foreign site
the black top merry-go-round spins faster
following the news the break
statewide comedic zoning rules ratified
two deserts converging at a mirage
to get prey an intricate trap of beautiful deception
floundering the insult it turns back at the you
to the you a desperate I flounders towards
an archive of have open to the public you
an aerial camera patching the seen
the other’s language tongued in
night to night a they said topography signs
nothing quite a perfect round yo-yo trick
they guess mystery and flashes of craters
a whole literary tradition gone oral
a drinking contest gone friendly
a yard full of disguised cars and bicycles
the periplus camera sees a them by the sea
too many simultaneous objects turning at once
the sexual act compared to a turtle
bushes rattling the canyon echo of please
a we the office speaks in quill finality
the complete construction of home delayed
microbial thoughts in an experimental pool
as bright as brass as cold as cloud cover
3 inches away a cataclysm too big to notice
a concluding all skin
at the store attempting to trace the why here
at each checkpoint the guard turns up the wrist
clanging the repair kit towards the jump victim
strewn in a controlled line considered aesthetic
the spongy orange speaks itself into jump
a they crammed in to the point of friendliness
jump roping the lonely days away
a deadly lasso of tetherball cord on the playground
animals alive to traumatize an I
the excuse’s conclusion disappears the seen
pine needles falling on a book about bubbles
it moves it mouths a movie groan
a rupture of lounge laughter captured in the streetlight
music eventually released from the gold record
clip languaging from bedspread to head
another round attempt with the compass
the ghost left alone left lonely scribbles
transposed from windows the curtains worn
an I attempts a complete shower of affectation
| * (((((( # ))))))
complete did instructions enclosed
an unconvinced you confronted by a shuffling I
vibrations to hear the various harmonic manifests
confused in that film opening moment
what haughty triumphs spoken in love
the mob demands fall colors make a sound
for each uncoupling a particular thereafter
an I and you frozen moment of lip collision
the sanctimonious conduit of everything invisible and deadly
alive via resurrection their language twitters
this is a floating signifier lost in an allegory
crammed into each word, a reminder of thunderstorms
this and this
each quantity of the landscape’s liquidity quarantined
it is bright exiting the mouth in a dissipating cloud
the importance of no true leveling in sailing
an I misunderstood in the you enunciating pris

how to fight the middle class

seen language abused not molested, airtight
if you’re a couch, then flop
how did you fight the middle class
I took up the recycling and garbage
did you slip, don’t s ip\ s|ip on
the sheen language
Mary and Joseph found
scattered in the ironic-sphere
when I was told to beseech snow
I shrunk to a sewing pin and grew to a push pin
but follow the rules to get back at you, to you
have they seen all the language
they said, around the whole yard
I cannot see the turn for the sea turtle
please speak in complete thoughts
there will never be a pool as cold as a kiddy pool
so sensitive along the 3 inch skin at the wrist
but jump in jump in jump
in winter and deadly alive, seen naked
that book we talked about made into a movie
of lounge music in the apartment languaging around
a ghost curtain shower in the cold
___ gr
| own
did you hear that
what did the haughty love make to the hotty
a ringing sound after a collision tumbling through
the deadly alive roaming in their language
this is a word, it’s important to trans
| la
and te
vous avez pris

how to fight the middle class—Appendix I. A

to fight seen
and to flop
singed in the
language city
and perhaps
for some disturbed
governor this could
be council closure
deadly dirt
until he sits
with reason
deadly language
and it’s an
important shield
she is going in
to beat together
the extent to which
a small rural snore
moves during a snow
outside history
yet in theory
she pools pieces
of the model
touches it
and he splits
the ironic language
a sheen of
don’t slip
citing the sift
in book time
they let go
the thought castle
analogy stepping
translucent before
hitting the bread
and cheese department
and each attempt
a complete love sea
collision after only
one of the popular
middle courses he
finds it both
and a novel
around their
bare feet
recycling a study
of fractal culture
and he must find her
around the current
sea (see) year
but the rule concludes
another account
of slippage
she deadly language
seen with the Mary
and Joseph sect etc.
she steps
out of desire
the ghost city
following back
pin by pin
the hot collapse

how to fight the middle class—Appendix I. B

language you’re
the exchange of
breath wood
last year
in Tucson
I sewing copies
of sometimes seen
from a hot tub
languaging you know
I’m grown
to get to you
wrote out
and effective
that effort