3 Poems
by Sam White

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sirens sirens and sunlight ferments

the dream were the dream a still

The crass lecturing spires

on how to hold it down

hold it down     grief like getting out of bed

sweetness in the ignition of the cloudless van

I stood up mid-shit

and the sky above its too few hours

love, a containment, so went in traffic


This in the mind of the painter who became a banker

who became a teller who became the told,

Deliver me from parity and all its hallucinations.

I hop from one lily pad to the next

and each a tanned and caffeinated skin.

I do do not do all the way down

the bioluminescent pebbled path.

A man within a mighty bird

- a duck, afloat like a cookbook -

teaches it to eat.


So goes the measure of all things

in barcodes, picas, and held against your breast

emits its silence as a book,

and held against the heat,

its ambition to be bellows over embers

seen to all the final glowing coals

beneath the blackened chicken

two reddish orange primate eyes flare up

fanned to mutilating, awake


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