by M. E. MacFarland

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Offer up
what must be
given: humus
and nectar,
broken porcelain
blue in the marbled
air. Be schizo-
phrenic. Be
the turpentine
of all the walls
that moon-
shine couldn't
dissolve. Withdraw
from the fission,
fractured pavement.
Be fault lines
of cupped palms,
desire lines
all the rhythm
of electroenceph-
alography. Algorithm
and metamorphosis,
be psychosomatic
in the ivory
crowning, the world-
length wrapping ivy.
Goddess, path-scriber,
be the earth of the pit
into which we spit our
selves. Be the splitting
Adam, the visage
and the helmet crest,
hoarfrost in the dawn,
the uncut atom.
Pray for fusion
with the paean of syn-
apse, raise up
the embodied antinomy.
Bowstrung, be
honey, the raining
forfeit of our clasped
palms. Quiver,
be engorged muscle,
straining the light
through the veil.
Golden, be
made crimson.
be made