The First Chapter of The Book of Fixing
by Guy Benjamin Brookshire

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Getting going Dreams put pen to paper. 2) Finding the paper1 empty, Dreams resolved to fill it, and moved over the surface of the paper with a smoothing hand.3) Dreams wrote, light is visible, and seeing saw sight. 4) Dreams wrote of  eyes, and some things had to be  invisible so others could be seen. 5) Dreams divided all things between the seen and the unseen. Then he poured them all together into the paper – The First Draft.

6) And Dreams wrote, With the first stroke the work was complete; what remains are only digressions. 7) So Dreams resolved not to write in cycles or patterns: if things seem to repeat it is  because there is one thing happening. 8) Dreams wrote about time. And one moment led to another, one after the other, on and on and on – The Second Draft. 

9) And Dreams wrote, Color is darkness hiding in the light, and surfaces resist where they are touched. 10) Dreams stopped counting the numbers of the sands, and studied the motion of water instead. Dreams wrote of how easy it is for what is moved to become what moves. 11) And Dreams wrote, When the soil reads a seed it pronounces a tree: the tree is the soil transformed, as words transform dreams into thought. 12) Drifting in the air and floating in the ocean, the effortless architect drew and erased: lines and smudges. 13) And one thing became another, one after another, again and again and again – The Third Draft.

14) And Dreams wrote, The stars have become small, the sun winds its rays around the days, 15) and light shines from sources in the darkness. 16) And Dreams wrote all the different kinds of light – dust-motes and cloud-shafts and lightning thrilled the weather so that every instant was unique in its quality of light. 17) Dreams saw light and darkness mingle, 18) at dawn and at twilight the grains of seen and unseen sifted together. 19) As one thing became others, something else and something else, over and over and over – The Fourth Draft.

20) And Dreams wrote its landscapes through animal eyes, opening on all that it had written. 21) Worms saw the light as one feels the sunshine, fish as one stares through thick glass. And Dreams read what he wrote through the eyes he had written. 22) Dreams wrote of the bodies that carried the eyes, power whips from the tail and gathers under the wing, sharpness snags on talons and crushes in the jaw. 23) And one thing became many, more and more, faster and faster and faster – The Fifth Draft.

24) And Dreams wrote, My creations have thriven from the mud to the dust and teem in the thickets and graze on the plains. 25) And Dreams moved amongst bodies of beings that willed, on a ramiform and ramifying continuum from reflex to curiosity.
26) Then Dreams wrote, There once was a lonely writer, almost like me: he walked among the things I have written, and lingered over each word, repeated each sound, he yearned to understand the smallest gesture, the spaces between the words, the circumference of the period. 27) So Dreams’ wrote characters to follow the contradictions in his will, when these wills desired one another, the hunger for sex was in Dreams; the hunger of sex was both childbearing and not childbearing. 28) Dreams gave the characters their own points of view, and wrote, Nothing is closer to my purpose than the action of these devices; in you my dreams will dream themselves, and those dreams dream themselves. 29) Then Dreams wrote, Look, I have written a whole language for you, and every word for you to read, and know this book that I have made your home. 30) And these words themselves are served by words, these dreams made real in dreams, and in this book which I have written, everything is as I have written, and re-read it. 31) Dreams read in the book until the words were real, and, read-on, it was very real. Dreams had nothing to remember, every word contained the entire story – the Sixth Draft.

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