Excerpts from 29 Rejected Submissions
by Benjamin Bucholz


strangle me in a clothesline manifesto /1/ freckled fickle false few fourth grade girls compare to you /2/ there is a sympathy of ice in your un-ringing phone, here on the stool by the dazzleme fire /3/ uppity bitch /4/ we chained wheelblocks tight to trainbeds all weatherbeaten, shoals of Durer . echo like a lost generation /5/ two-cylinder sound me starting in the morning no coffee or just plain black /6/ in the woods at night I imagine a one-eyed teddybear tossed and molding /7/ uppity bitch (different poem, same theme) /8/ my threshold your doghowl the drain /9/ whole bran, that lifeless /10/ strata in the loaming of the world /11/ longomontanus: almost a poem of its own /12/ I am sorry, dog, to have surrendered the sound of your cumbrous chops to a joke /13/ strainer emphatic /14/ we owl heads /15/ we dog down to the old bones /16/ ambiguous fish /17/ uppity bitch (once more to make sure you understood what I meant) /18/ a leaf psalm steady spackling the thresh /19/ a biplane cleaves to lateen cloud /20/ she spits, pisses like a boy /21/ sings like daphne voicing laurel arches /22/ church dragon /23/ man meter /24/ egg beater bold sharp silver licked frosting harp /25/ this was the fight /26/ this was the doldrums /27/ this was the making up /28/ this was sex, life, uppity (I won’t) /29/




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