Shoe Pox
by Benjamin Bucholz


In developing pictures a pox of shoes
On mainstreet stain the cobbled strand
Where floodwaters washed up to a hasty
Pea sand berm they line like spinal bifida
Bisecting the center of Safwan, a nerve

No one noticed them not driving by not
In notebook assessments for the civ. camp
Where fifty-three families, goats, grand-
Children, cooking pots, cells phones, clothes-
Lines now string, the shoes, the scattered

Sandals, snowboots, strange certainly here
Given by great aunts unthinkingly patriotic
Packed with mothballs, moccasins, stiletto
Heels, plastic kiddie cowboy boots, pump
Nikes, patent leather, and the just plain

Shoe: indescribably Platonic form of your --
O, mastery of the thing -- shoe, silted
Decaying into the leather sole of the earth

To form limestone and oil, to become war,
To mark where small bodies bought rapture




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