I should know the names of these things
by Adrian Kien

The Lysol breath streaks a flank steak
Across the arms
Sterile and streptococcal clean
Between blood and gravy
Insect and disease
Husband and armoire
Tubs and tile
Shower doors and curtains

Each aerosol eye instructed to define
Spray me clean
Spray me foam
On soiled areas
The mold
The mild hands beneath the words

1. Leave for ten minutes
2. Leave off
3. Kill 15 minutes and consult the breathing

I winnow and horse neigh
In the size of me
In the kitchen alone with the skillet

Fry the him me
Clean me thoroughly of his tongue
Saying me is his licks across the arm

A deodorant streak in blue

The spot test in an inconspicuous area

Say armpit and mean mouth baby
My halter top to sop me
Coming out now
The tickle part remembers the claws
A sea urchin in peroxide
The skin pimples in spit

What robin remains after the wing feathers dust
In soil in skin in fungus in the cool dark place
Of wine and disinfectant and poultry fat

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