Reveal: Storm & Reveal: Fiction
by Bruce Covey

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Reveal:  Storm

Arlene:  17 agents with over 125 years combined
Bret:  So far 18,959 people have taken this particular
Cindy:  Placing among the top 15, appearing on over 600
Dennis:  As violent or repressive responses, a 100% windfall
Emily:  Rippin’ 56, I don’t do weekdays, 22 strange until
Franklin:  More than 22,000 in 15 days, 11th providing instant
Gert:  Originally intended to run from 1998 to 2000
Harvey:  Finland, S; Sweden, 15; USA, certificate # 14694
Irene:  IE 5.5 or higher; 545,269 visits since last
Jose:  30 percent Beethoven center; 20 year reading discussion
Katrina:  3, Vicky felt moved to buy the local biweekly newspaper

Katrina:  3.2 million overnight stays at 1,150 shelters across 27 states
Lee:  Overall $54,000,000 in exchange for a $5 donation
Maria:  1 Points: 4,768; Yearly: 3 Points: 3,199
Nate:  430,000 are invited to have their say on the revision
Ophelia:  Generally agreed to be somewhere from 16-19
Philippe:  Found search 3 [100%] hits 11 [100%]
Rita:  In the new world some 200 years before California
Stan:  To buy a dozen fresh eggs, but when they get there
Tammy:  Headed east on Interstate 66, a major highway
Vince:  29 per ticket and all proceeds are going to aim
Wilma:  Cloud 9, 9 parts desire, I am my own wife



Reveal:  Fiction

Is there a map of Maycomb and moved into a cold-water apartment with makeshift furniture?  Where other women dared not to tread, fourteen artists have been invited to explore.  Clinging to each other in their loneliness and alienation.  Rooted in the earth and the people.  Believing in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us portrays him as an uncritical reveler.  A brief read through other areas might clear up any confusion, as well as a three-dimensional rendering of the island.  The obscene sales prospectus illustrates (like any soap service derived implementation) the match of the target endpoint.  Relax.  We’re here to help navigate a nice letter from a lawyer for their wall.  If only people would look at her, the 2008 Beijing Olympics would revolve around a predominate oak tree overhanging a creek.  And Buddy Hackett ain’t nowhere in sight!  Eventually his father was sent to debtor’s prison, and characters brought together as a sequel.