from My Aspiring Villian
by Paolo Javier

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paramilitary coursing                           bastards WTO pit shares
   heart of liberty’s                                  similes
    demonic                   Army                           allege hesitant tentacles


Allan Keyes stable abolishment doorman cumbersome undo mga alimasag
Essene trial                  collusion                      dense aid mounted
               comb through ash                                            corolla


so ask                          horizon
   ornament                              augur catacombs                      Apollo
the itchy sky Count Basie bent


come lean on us                       Hydra comeliness missiles
come evangelist                 sear altar                     Hydra saturnalia
Hydra empire treatises             two-pronged                comb villain


incorrigible catacombs                         villains ah Cayman Islands
thee plebeian echoes Hydra eschew Hydra vices


injure sky’s doorman                               undo mga alimasag
            exasperate Hydra          buwisit ka                   Imma grant you this



Canoodling to rest easier Perseus Dresden demons a coy vote ammonia
            thundered century grenades armory dildos

                                                 armory cost him Aryan beer
chemists here               visas arboretum              visas             cipher              lo, Zeus!
Hydra slobber      scabs    store     lost cryptic scapular                      embryonic

misled parabolas          Apollo savior subaltern Tian Tian careens end I doubt
end Army         tiny hazing temper       touch harp       a scar beholden


hazmat thank you creed wending in reverse
thought reach              a ruse         maintain U.S.         allegory                       spacious
     cure                  villains    sell    Hydra Sistine livery                         vassals


query as horde             count igneous              scion Apollo
prime roast  ,       savior’s tasty song                   stolen serum                        immunity




Achtung! or arm youth                        Auschinsloss, iniiwasan ko      spurious spin or edit   
raddle moon      undo villain          force roster U.S. ullullation          somber hostage
an hour to rest                         Theseus pillory ebola        undo, then,                         past fingered assets


engrave it, he    then Plato                   said he quarrels daily              topic assonance
advises Nobel              at a loss to Austria                   my ruses                                  grenades remember gold                      alone


advises Imam               scorn haste or meander mga alimasag              armor Led Zepellin
commence arrests                    rain harder                   Merlin              the feast comported
a busy yes man in a vest meant an Essene ark, mask or grave                        Army valve all profit


Diomedes assume beast as villains rankle       Sunni forager treatise her lost maelstrom pantoum gut reaction Leopardi            forfeit ambulance idea             a mean utterance clamber        hail sought       Hydra amorphous        connoting            mete out a stasis


Achtung! or arm youth            innovate the occult mural litter Haiti or race antidote
paste an envoy to Amman or inter to rest easier as par for Uriah’s intercourse
conqueror                        on par for Elmer’s Glue                   ask or fawn force no regime


Army maims to force cunning             ingest strengthening o U.S. corpse & skull
UN affair no kingly Down Street         hey c’mon, Lacan        Tian Tian         Alma
UN antiques here        minotaur to Rhodes                 island slander               The Swinger


Soothe Army barracks             U.S. tears              U.S. allies         Bruna’s massive rave
the Queen encounters        to bumble      to rest easier           memento mori countenance
re-commence the pineapple villain!     O Achaean upon Achaean!     to the sea