after family court
by Gabriel Gudding



I had a hard time at the beach. I was cryin’ at the beach. Because everyone was quittin’ playin’ tag.

I got a pink one, that’s skinny. I named her Julie. Do star fish talk in the sea to their moms?

Guess what. I’ve learned to say HI to people.

I’m watching Shirley Temple. Her Grandfather’s grumpy. But don’t worry -- it’s okay in the end.

Guess what? I got a present for you? I made it. It’s a cardboard clock. It’s a square one. It goes up to 12, and they have spaces. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.

I found my old old old box of Legos. And the fridge magnets were in there!
Guess what? I read a whole chapter of a book today. My Big Book of Fairy Tales and Rhymes. I read one whole chapter of the Ugly Duckling. But only a half chapter. Marina helped me.

Daddy, you’re a good daddy. Mom said so.

Umm. Is Mammoth Cave musty?

Dad, if I had a diamond that was heavy and huge, and I put it on a car seat, would it sink down that far?

Daddy, I was going to call you. But you’re out now. I’m just eating an apple. So [pause, chewing] I’ll wait for you to come back, Daddy. I can’t wait till we’re going to the Mammoth Caves. Bye. Love you.

I had a dream that there was a fly in the bathroom.

[Speaking of some numerous little ghosts] They just keep going on and on like the number line.

Dad, I had a lonely dream. I was at a party but we never came out of it because it was a dream though. It was a costume party. People are dressed like Spiderman and stuff, and they watch Spiderman, and two people that I knew wouldn’t let me watch with them even though there was still room, and they even watched.

Dad, I had a dream about Mama. We had to stay up in a big castle thing. And they had a party when you came back. And Mama was driving a blue car and we came down the stairs. And Mommy was there. She was just visiting. And we showed her how much flowers we planted.

Dad, I had a dream about a war. I was supposed to be in a different country. I was trying to stop the war. And I wrote a note that says “Please Live in Peace, from Clio” And then I gave them two shiny pieces of gold. And then they stopped the war. And then they were happy.







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