2 Powerpoint Poems
by Jill Magi

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[delicate] [strong]

Is a doorway political? Is a laborer’s wrinkled skin sumptuous? Maybe photography, flirting with narrative and inviting projected meanings, has something to teach me about responding to these two questions with one answer. One day when I was thinking about this, I saw Tina Modotti’s photos and the words “delicate strong” came next. Later I would find out that she was many things, including a silent movie actress, a Communist, and a woman who defied exile orders.

from SLOT

What’s presented here is an excerpt from a book-length manuscript of text, images, research, found language, theory, story, and poetry. SLOT became the container for my ambivalence in response to official urges to memorialize at the World Trade Center site in my home city. The need for comparison and to think about the “historical event” became a deeply felt, personal need—and so research, the legible, breaks down (or rises up?) into other kinds of “poetic” and image-based lexicons.