The first chapter of The Book of Fixing by Guy Benjamin Brookshire
3 Poems by Benjamin Bucholz
Morton Girl from a longer work of criticism entitled The Meiotics of Robot Eschatology by Tristan Davies
Chapter 2 of September for Jen by Dolores Dorantes, translated by Jen Hofer
8 Poems by Ryan Gallagher
7 Collages by Lisa Hargon-Smith
Inconsequentia audio by Derek Henderson and Derek Pollard
The Rationalists by Kristen Iskandrian
Clipart Collages & Poems by Amir Kenan
5 Poems from The Dead Waters by Eeva-Liisa Manner, translated by Seija Paddon
7 Poems by Joseph Milford
3 Poems by Danielle Pafunda
5 Poems by Barbara Jane Reyes
3 Poems by Zachary Schomburg
5 Poems from lobeslips (lobo de labio) by Laura Solórzano, translated by Jen Hofer
2 Poems by Novica Tadic translated by Steven Teref and Maja Teref

Special: Idaho

Scott Abels
J. Reuben Appelman
Adrian Kien
Eric Schweiker

Catherine Wagner