On the Poverty of Internet Life: a Call for Poets by Jasper Bernes
4 Poems by Louis E. Bourgeois
Two from American Vistas by Steve Bradbury

45 Letters to Magnussons before the Spring… by Annabel Castro Meagher
Notes toward the Postmodern Baroque by Joshua Corey
4 Poems by Gabriel Gudding
Three from Homeland Bomb by Hung Hung, translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury
Two Poems by Catherine Meng
Wittgenstein, Deleuze, and the Political Grotesque by James Pate
“The Perforator God” and “Sucking” (a statement of poetics) by Ariana Reines

3 Poems
by Daniel Spinks

Special: Canicola

Giacomo Monti
Michelangelo Setola
Alessandro Tota
Amanda Vähämäki