4 Poems by Rosa Alcalá
One Earth, Four or Five Words: The Notion of ‘Avant-Garde’ Problematized by Per Bäckström
Celebrated Genome by Raymond Bianchi

from Buan by by Rocio Cerón, translated by Rosa Alcalá
Submit to Maximum Gaga! by Lara Glenum
Blood Drive by Daniel Groves
2 Poems by Dan Hoy
One Letter Changes by Richard Kostalanetz
O Alongamento (The Elongation) by Sergio Medeiros, translated from Portuguese by Raymond Bianchi
An Introduction and 8 Poems by Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray, translated by Robert Archambeau and Jean-Luc Garneau

2 Poems
by Catherine Taylor
Three Excerpts from “The Dandelion Clock” Daniel Tiffany, by Colin Upton poem & voice; Andrea Loselle, miniature theater; Daniel Rothman, composer & film; Theodore Mook, cello
Comixs and the Lowbrow by Colin Upton
Quartet For Motor, Wind, Heartbeat, Landslide by Jasmine Dreame Wagner
5 Poems After Paintings by Alessandro Twombly by Lila Zemborain, translated by Rosa Alcalá