from Enumeration of Colonies by Ellen Baxt
Girl Body by Dodie Bellamy
Letters from the Other Side of Jail by Amy Clark
2 Pieces by Tina Darragh
5 Pieces by Kate Dougherty
2 Automanias by Sara Tuss Efrik
As Gracefully as I Knew How by Elizabeth Ellen
2 Poems by Clayton Eshleman
3 Performances by FLUXCONCERT
6 Postcards by Jennifer H. Fortin
An Installation about David Lynch by Angela Genusa
“From cosmos to cosmetics”: A Note on Aase Berg’s Guinea Pigs & Girly Kitsch by Lara Glenum
3 Stories by Lily Hoang
amagansett (6) by P. Inman
Crystal Castles by Matt Kirkpatrick
5 Poems by Rauan Klassnik
What if the citizen is a girl? by Aaron Kunin
3 Poems by Mark Leidner
2 Powerpoint Poems by Jill Magi
All is Fair in Love and War by Sabrina Orah Mark
Empty Stool by Alissa Nutting
3 Poems; Clayton Eshleman and the Spirits of the Head by James Pate
from Big American Trip by Christian Peet
3 Stories / 1 Song and 1 Painting by Claudia Smith / Dan Grissom
3 Stories by Girija Tropp
from Pirke Avot Book of Fathers / Habeas Corpus! by Evan Willner