ISSUE 11 FALL 2009

Canadien Special
curated by François Luong

Minimal Animals by Daniel Canty, translated from the French
from The Rose Concordance by Angela Carr
The Bells by Jason Christie
5 Poems by Cris Costa
from Security Posture by Sarah Dowling
Status Updates by Darren Wershler-Henry & Bill Kennedy
5 Poems; Quotations of Brainy Smurf; Ambiance by Ray Hsu
6 Poems by Sonnet L’Abbé
As It Happens by Chantal Neveu, translated from the French by Sophie Bellissent, Antonia McGrath, Marina Polosa, & Gisèle Trudel
from Rule of Three by a.rawlings
4 Poems; 4 Sound Poems & 6 Visual Poems by glenN robsoN
Who Comes In? by Hector Ruiz, translated from the French by François Luong
from Croak by Jenny Sampirisi
If Therapy is a Must by Jordan Scott
3 Visual Poems by Angela Szczepaniak
from “On the Trail, the Image” by François Turcot, translated from the French by François Luong

Rambo Goes to Idaho to Study Poetry by Scott Abels
The Guardian’s Accurate Shotgun Upon Your Brow by Maureen Alsop
2 Stories by Kathleen Andersen
3 Poems by Takako Arai, translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles
Primary Anatomy by Rachel Gontijo Araujo
he writes by Cara Benson
The Dog of Interrogation by Mark Bilbrey
3 Stories by Wyatt Bonikowski
3 Poems by Jessica Bozek
Go Tokyo by David Brennan
2 Poems by Megan Martin
from A Book of Poems on Beauty; from One Thousand Flowers; Review of Witness My Shame by Anne Lesley Selcer