Crush the Assholetters Between the Teeth: Språkgrotesk in Henri Michaux and Gunnar Ekelöf (Part 2) by Per Bäckström
5 Poems by Bernard Bador, translated by Clayton Eshleman
3 Poems by Ross Brighton
Spring and All by James Capozzi
The Hindenburg by Tyler Carter
2 Poems by Amy Catanzano
6 Poems by Tina Brown Celona
2 Poems by Juliet Cook
4 Poems by Marisa Crawford
2 Sung Poems by Olivia Cronk
2 Poems by Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle
6 Poems by Peter Davis
from Self-Titled / 5 Poems by Nick Demske
5 Landscapes / Reminder by Geoffrey Detrani
Insurgency by Dot Devota
3 Poems by Christopher DeWeese
Near a Window by Justin Dobbs
3 Poems by Claire Donato
3 Poems by Donald Dunbar
from Catfish Poems by Tim Earley
4 Poems by Clayton Eshleman
58 Propositions on Life and Death by Jean-Michel Espitallier, translated by Jennifer K. Dick
Lyriks by Robert Fernandez
from A Nest This Size by Ann Fine
Notes Toward A by Sara Greenslit
from 1001 Stories by Richard Kostelanetz, translated from the Swedish
2 Poems by Lito Elio Porto
5 Poems by Grzegorz Wroblewski, translated by Adam Zdrodowski
from Song For His Disappeared Love
by Raúl Zurita, translated by Daniel Borzutzky