PR for Poetry by Stan Apps
3 Poems by Earl Babin
from Excess Exhibit by Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin
from The Sugar Numbers by Judson Hamilton
The Van Gogh Diary by Evelyn Hampton
Totem by Mary Hickman
Remix of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame by Christopher Higgs
Immortal Something No. 1 by Lacey Hunter
from The Book of Freaks by Jamie Iredell
from Libel by Lucy Ives
5 Poems by Russell Jaffe
The Walls of Uruk by A D Jameson
from Champion by Shane Jones
from Malilenas by Garret Kalleberg
What I Was Saying To Peeping Tom of Coventry by Pablo Larios
from Daughter by Janice Lee
from Carlyle: Histories by Patrick Leonard
from China Cowboy by Kim Gek Lin Short
6 Poems by Reb Livingston
Pataphysical Nebraska by Sarah Mangold
One Name Would Be Enough to Exorcise This Astonishment by Kristi Maxwell
from I Woke Up Early in the Morning After the End of the World by Ian McCarty
5 Poems by RC Miller
2 Poems by Sara Mumolo
A Way No Longer Had by Jessica Newman
Miami by JoAnna Novak
3 Poems by Aleksey Porvin, translated by Peter Golub
from Anatomy Lesson
by Christian Prigent, translated by Adrian Kien
6 Poem-Drawings
by Jono Tosch