I have nothing to do with birds by Aylin Bloch Boynukisa, translated by Johannes Göransson
6 Poems by Bradley Paul
In Memory of Marina Tsvetaeva by Boris Pasternak, translated by James Stotts
Garbage Bag, Blackbird, Shadow Puppet by Grier Phillips
Boat Oades by Matt Reeck
how to fight the middle class by Michael Rerick
Attainment by Anji Reyner
2 Pieces by James Robinson
You are the image by Claudia Ryan
6 Poems by Larry Sawyer
The Grave on the Wall by Brandon Shimoda
4 Poems by Philip Sorenson
from Self-Help Poems by Sampson Starkweather
5 Poems by Celina Su
from the hanging cloud of read mistakes by Jennifer Tamayo
2 Poems by Steven Teref
The Alkaline of Maurizo’s New Exhibit by Catherine Theis
14 Poems by Georg Trakl, translated by Parker Smathers
9 Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated from the Russian and introduced by James Stotts
3 poems by J. A. Tyler
2 Poems by Jared White
3 Poems; 4 Drawings by Sam White
Hans und Greeting
by John Moore Williams
2 Poems
by Mike Young