ISSUE 17 FALL 2012

Co-edited by Carina Finn & Ji yoon Lee, with contributions by Johannes Göransson and Emily Hunt

6 Poems by Christopher Barnes
Possession by Feng Sun Chen
7 Types of Ambiguity by Michele Christle
from 4 ARK CODEX ±0 by Ark Codex
from Can Sam Run Out by Stella Corso
3 Poems by Ben Fama
7 Poems by Elizabeth Franklin
Spleen by A. Minetta Gould
Home/Birth by Arielle Greenberg, Rachel Zucker, Jiyoon Lee, Carina Finn
4 Poems by Alfred Starr Hamilton
i fry fish for Jayzis by Josef Horáček
Leak Leak Leak by Tim Jones-Yelvington
6 Poems by Zvonko Karanović translated by Ana Božičević
5 Poems by Avram Kline
Pankration by M.E. MacFarland
Allison Power (after Marcel Duchamp) by Jennifer Nelson
6 Essays by a rawlings
from I Am Going To Save Your Life by Christie Ann Reynolds
3 Pieces by Steve Roggenbuck
from Obtuse Diary by Amelia Rosselli, translated by Dario De Pasquale and Deborah Woodard
“A Voice To Make Tangible My Obsession” by Jen Stockdale
from Still Places To Go by Paige Taggart
4 Poems by Emily Toder