Translated by Ron Paul Salutsky

conjugation of metaphysics

Being is a gerund
moving itself in the always
though it moves it cannot always


All that exists has weight
Dancing in existence
stepping on nausea
but make you
a lithe and durable body


It is an unknown
is an unknown
when yet to know
makes sense
but not knowing or making sense
and that may still have meaning


The anguish
knowing my bridges
undo themselves


say no to this no to that
remove all
shed it
but if near you
antagonize this with that
with all the others
tell them no
what they do not want
an even fight with the egos
with them all
with their own consciences
with genre and what else
with the poetic I
with the tiniest of the phenomenological
and with the negations and the negations of those
that contradict to the core and expel
a gray or white jet
“abuse of conscience” I read just now
this same fight
with this above all




conjugation of metaphysics

They say one time a world
in which there are places where a world
does not matter whether fiction or real
they speak of a world
I felt scraps, fragments
that is my greater notion
when I felt it was sufficient
did not matter if it was a world or not
certain it wasn’t god
I say once I felt that a world
I say it happened to me more than once
I say I would still like to do it


Still. Today it is my adverb
while I myself adverb me myself
and I am. Today I am that. It is so clear
it must be a lie


I am looked at with enormous eyes, tearful, bulging
with zeal, with desire
climbs and overwhelms me, which I was a wall
enjoyable because it is known I am not, nor want
I think cruelty
does not think


I’m going to be opened to my temples
There is where it rests
I have other parts. They are stirred
but confusing in the fight will not be able to say
if there are sides, zones. I have temples
in my guts, and guts in the neck
sometimes. Others all there, mixed
but shortish, feel remorse and weep. A good night’s
sleep may resolve it. Well, that does not happen
sometimes I feel like it does not matter


I cannot throw myself on you
thus surrender, annul me
Nor can I stay in myself
being me for the sake of me
So long ago I would
say again:
I need you

Still don’t know how


Karen Wild Díaz was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She studied philosophy at the University of Paris 8-Vincennes-Saint Denis, and is now an assistant professor at the University of the Republic. Her first book in English, Anti-Ferule (Toad Press, 2015) was originally published as Anti-Férula (2013, Buenos Aires: Editorial Itinerante; 2014, Niñobúho cartonera). Her poems have appeared in the Argentine anthology Hijas de diablo, Hijas de santo (2014: Niñobúho cartonera) and in English translation in Blue Lyra Review, Copper Nickel, and América Invertida: An Anthology of Emerging Uruguayan Poets. Karen practices contemporary dance and incorporates performance into her poetry presentations, and she blogs at

Ron-brick-wallRon Paul Salutsky, a native of Somerset, Kentucky, is the author of the poetry collection Romeo Bones (Steel Toe Books, 2013), and translator for Anti-Ferule (Toad Press, 2015), from the Spanish of Karen Wild Díaz. His poetry, translations, fiction, and scholarship have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Colorado Review, Interim, Tupelo Quarterly, Narrative, Juked, John Clare Society Journal, Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, Copper Nickel, and América Invertida: An Anthology of Emerging Uruguayan Poets. Ron lives in Ochlocknee, Georgia, and teaches at Southern Regional Technical College. Read more at