6 Poems
by Peter Davis

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Poem Addressing Ways That I Am Anxious and Needy

It is possible you don’t enjoy this poem because you have legitimate problems with the ideas and issues inherit in this poem. It is more likely that you don’t enjoy this poem based on an aesthetic difference of opinion. That sort of thing happens. I hope you won’t think less of me because of this.

Poem Addressing What I Want to Accomplish and Ways that You Can Use this Poem to Enrich Your Community

I hope you will understand that I’m only trying to write a good poem. I’m not trying to show off or do anything other than entertain you in such a way that leaves you feeling enlightened and impressed. Depending on how you feel about all of this, you may want to consider writing a reflective essay that will give you the opportunity to think more deeply about this poem. You might at least consider talking about this poem with a number of your friends, or on your blog. If you are a teacher you may want to assign it to your students and mention it to your friends in the department. Even if it seems strange, you could suggest forming a reading club devoted to this poem and the complex and simple issues it illuminates.

Poem Addressing Doubts that are Illuminated Before I Again Shift the Attention to You, Before Shifting it Back to Me Again

I want to explain more about what I’m thinking, but I’m afraid it will make me seem stupid. I do worry about how I appear in this poem. It is not cool for a poet to appear to be anxious for praise and attention in a poem. It is not cool for anyone to appear to be anxious for praise and attention. I’m just saying something that is true. I hope you will not hold that against me, or this poem. I would suggest that if you do not feel that you, or those you admire, are anxious for praise and attention, then you are not looking at yourself and the world realistically. Of course, I’m not interested in saying insightful, realistic things, which I wouldn’t say except for the fact that I’m interested in saying insightful, realistic things.

Poem Addressing the Possibility That You're Listening to this Poem Via a Recording

I wonder what year it is? I wonder why you’re listening to this? I wonder where the recording came from? I wonder if I am the reader of this poem, or if it is someone else? I hope this becomes your favorite thing to listen to and that you listen to it all the time. I hope that this poem is better sounding than any music you can imagine. I hope you and your friends dance super crazy to this shit!

Poem Addressing the Nature of the Literal and the Metaphorical, Making the Importance of Your Role Clear

If you don’t want to be wrong, I am absolutely taking it for granted that you are right all of the time. I am grateful for your consistency and for being able to count on you in this way. It means a great deal to me as the writer of this poem to know that your opinion of this poem is completely correct. Of course, I know it is possible that you are affected by circumstances that have nothing to do with these words, but are more likely related to environmental or historical factors. But what I’m saying now, and the important point to take away from this poem, is:  I trust you. When it’s all over, no matter what, I trust that you understand and are always right.

Poem Addressing the Nature of the Poem and the Way that Words Fail Us, Bringing Us to the Brink of Something, Yet Never Quite Leading Us In. Like Someone You Love Who Loves You Too, But With a Different Understanding of the Word Love