5 Landscapes
by Geoffrey Detrani


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Floods At Once

Big Trigger

The Way We Founded It

Market Garden

Low Comedy

History Is Simple

Artist's Statement:

My work involves the conflation of disparate elements. I use aspects of the natural world, typically botanical forms, joined with emblems of our built environment (buildings, flags, insignia, perspectival space) to suggest a contested intersection between the natural, (however circumscribed and tamed) and the built and mediated aspects of our world. By so structuring my imagery I hope to suggest landscapes captured in a state of flux; landscapes on the cusp, or in the throes, of explosive generation or devolution. Botany, architecture, ambiguous, vaguely habitable structures and spaces; these elements surface and submerge, optically and metaphorically, within a layered pictorial space that is cartographic, calligraphic and firmly anchored in imagined landscape.

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