3 Poems
by Christopher DeWeese

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In the Meantime (Rocksteady Remix)

Take a thieving child’s eyes
In the where you are
Get beyond truth
Go back to school
Wake up the king
When baby there’s something wrong
The thing they call Nevada
Where orchards start
Lakes of green and skies of blue
I’ll Napoleon you

Say It Ain't So (Lollapoloza Extended Jam With STP Mix)

Some kinds of townie
Try to like camping
Somebody’s cohort
Is giving them pills
This bottle of ceilings
Makes men from my feelings
You dreamed up a genie
And now we’re getting honest
The sun is crowning
In my almost body

Cumbersome (Sunday Morning Mix)

Call up Goliath
He needs a big mask
I get too heavy
Too white
I want more rides
To reconcile the fast
There is a ballot
With an arrow and a cross
A cummerbund
I have become