2 Poems
by Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle

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My Handlers Advise Me to Keep Mum

Born at an early age
Only I come back to haunt me

Last winter she read Freud on the insanity
In the morning we were children
Some of us prefer to fall.

You feel love in novels
Is more real than life

Still he wishes he’d attended
Debord’s premiere of Howls for Sade.

Why do moths always seek
            artificial light?
Never give up on the lyric.
                                                                                     upgraded from the black list
Smersh killed Lexie
For her poems in code.
I admire defiance.
Night in the poet ignites
An occult battle on the heights.
I don’t wanna know the Secret.
Stop checking the mirror
To see if you’re high.
That cat is down
To 3 more lives.
                                                                                                          to a gray area
Papa Babalao tooks
Me down. Shimmy
Shake. She hot blooded.
Shoot him ‘for he run.
Flood fire famine feast
You be my priestess
I’ll be your beast.
Till every evil corpse lies
Still tell all in Hell an un-ill
Will cures yer future leather’s

Curse. Though he fished up
Verses for a dish we’d cherish,
He never sank and hauled
Them from the deep.
Just trying to get my mule wet.
The illusion of continuity

Better than actual fracture;
Put water through a pipe

Tension builds. It could do
Work and would move faster.

The first word in “best seller”           
Is a number not a value.
Didn’t know what a bidet was
For and I’m still unsure; can-

‘t spell bureau or bourgeois.
Nothing to read but my palm.





Sleeping Spells

13 touched my hair.
I don’t close and use a star
As a black hand of one kind or another.

Which fortunately had drunk
And cut their killer first inside.

(All lines from dreams)