from The Constitution
by Brian Foley

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The Constitution

For the sake
of never regret
does differ deter
loss. Mostly we
soak. Shaped
by unattempt.

With you scrib-
bled beside me
I don’t know
who I’m not.
Awareness is
just punishment.

I’ve not time
to humor a tree
compromising sky
to no end. Time,
it takes. Take it
upon your self.


Our first time
at dusk. Somehow
We never scream.
In decision lives a
grenade, a guess,
blank with prey.
How much a stir can
slow understanding.
As soon as we finish
we want to be
understood again.


Some exits
Eager to picture
the hurt

as a cicada
set high
in a cathedral.

A mother
hovering over
a child.

Reach bends
us but for

Creatured by
wait and see.

We eat reason
and taste nothing.