Three Excerpts from "The Dandelion Clock"
Daniel Tiffany, poem & voice
Andrea Loselle, miniature theater
Daniel Rothman, composer & film
Theodore Mook, cello

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"The Dandelion Clock"  was installed (with mise-en-scène by Andrea Loselle) at the Interface New Music Festival in Berlin, Germany, September 15-30, 2007.   Radio Bremen (in Germany) will broadcast the entirety of "The Dandelion Clock" on March 31, 2008.   A DVD of The Dandelion Clock is forthcoming from Los Angeles River Records.



And al for oon
Al for fere of oon

It being away in the night
And stormy I was most
Putrified with astonishment
When you give me the smack





Dat truck is trash
En trash is what people
Is dat puts dirt on de head
En der fren’s
En makes ‘em ashamed





For wher I trusted I am begiled
                               And al for oon
She smiling all over
So she could hardly stand
Run along and smouch the knives
Three of them





Deth that is un-dere
Thenk on the pynes of helle
She done it too
And she done it beautiful
One of the mixed upest
Persons I ever see





Ship saileth over the salte fom
Tell arter dark
I don’t know but it is so
I got some of their jabber
Out of a book
Every minute getting earlier now





The primerole and the—
       The primerole and the—
Pulled on me pretty tight, mostly
My sugar-hogshead again
Litel grome kyng of all thing
I better hive it tonight


Ne nem hir name in idelshipe
O this the boss dodge
The way I lit out
And shinned for the road in the dark
Ain’t nobody can tell